Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mark 10:46-52 and Service

Feeling moved by Mark 10:46-52. Something cool about it is that it is a demonstration of Jesus' point to his disciples earlier, particularly in verse 45.

Jesus' disciples, particularly the sons of Zebedee—Jacob (commonly known as "James") and John—were thinking about their power in relation to Jesus and whether they would be his main guys.

But after explaining to them that it's not about lording over others but about serving others, Jesus pays attention to a blind beggar a lot of people probably passed by daily and heals him.

Today, whom do we think of as those who exist to "serve" us, and how might we repent of that attitude toward our fellow human beings?

Is God calling you to serve anyone near you who needs to be "served" (not "served" as in "you just got served," but "served" as in "cared for") with a loving action? How might you love that person? It doesn't have to be a blind beggar. Perhaps this is someone whom you don't see as one of those who exist to serve you, but maybe this is someone who is often neglected, not seen as valuable or worthy of being served.

Anyway, just wanted to share this. 

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